PT. International Offshore Services is providing following services for the supply of crew to the Marine, Dredging and Offshore Industry:

Recruitment and selection
All our manpower is carefully screened to ensure our clients that we offer the most highly qualified and experienced workers available. We pay special attention to the verification of certificates and licenses in order to ensure valid and true documents in accordance with STCW-95 regulations.

We maintain a large database of available candidates covering all positions. The bio-data of each candidate consist of all personal data (age, religion, marital status, etc.), identification details (passport, seaman booklet, etc.), educational and training backgrounds, experience, employment records and language skills. Thanks to this huge database IOS is able to offer immediately, readily available candidates to its clients.

Medical Examination
IOS will make sure that all personnel are physically, mentally and emotionally ready for employment. We therefore use the best available accredited hospitals in Batam which issue approved medical examination and fitness certificates in accordance with ILO convention 147.

Drug and Alcohol policy
IOS has adopted a Drug and Alcohol policy which is applicable and acknowledged by all crew.

English Language training
We understand the importance of English language knowledge of our workforce. In the offshore related fields knowledge of English is very important. Therefore we operate our own Marlins approved language school and test centre.

We provide all required travel documents and required certification:

  • Valid Indonesian seaman booklet
  • Valid International passport
  • All our personnel are holding a ‘clean’ police record (Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian).

Traveling arrangements
Air tickets can be PTA (pre-paid ticket advice) issued by clients travel agency or can be arranged through IMTG, depending on clients preference.